News • 15 de July de 2016

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EILD 2016 will begin with four sensorial routes (Roteiros Sensoriais), one of the actions of the program Sentidos Urbanos (Urban Senses): heritage and citizenship. The program is an inter-institutional action, a partnership among Iphan (National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage), the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) – Department of Tourism, Department of Performing Arts and the Department of Journalism, with the Ouro Preto Art Foundation (FAOP), and the City of Ouro Preto – Department of Education and Department of Planning.

The Roteiros Sensoriais, methodology developed by Professor Juca Villaschi (Department of Tourism – UFOP), have emphasis on perception and environmental qualities of the places of memory, in order to educate citizens to act as guardians of their heritage, through visitation of unusual paths of the historic centre. Participants use a number of devices that instigate the trial of the five senses during the routes.

EILD 2016 enhances the scope of the program Roteiros Sensoriais when it is offered as part of the event, for all the participants, in order to sensitize the senses and views to the city. The organizing committee believes that this activity will promote the disruption of standards, where the participant will learn that, in order to observe the city, it is not enough to use the vision and find what is already expected, but it is necessary to feel the place without seeing it. Disorient oneself, loose oneself and find oneself again. The sensorial route reflects on your actions and expectations, and shows a new possibility on how to see again.

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*photo credit: Sentidos Urbanos Team