News • 23 de May de 2016

May 23rd, 2016 

RESULT Urban Interventions in Ouro Preto International Competition

In February this year, EILD launched an International Competition with the aim of selecting two interactive urban installations, to be developed as works to be progressively transformed and effectively built with the cooperation of all event’s participants together with the inhabitants of the city, in a free and spontaneous manner, throughout the EILD.

In accordance with the Editorial and the role of the interventions within the general objectives of the EILD, the urban installations’ proposals were supposed to increase the potential of the Heritage and Landscape present in Ouro Preto capturing inspiration from two distinct elements: the Window – Construction element that is particularly important in the heritage built reflects the actual architectural and urban evolution process in the town of Ouro Preto and essential to fit the unique landscapes of this city; and the Bridge – Architectural object that brings together two things, two realities, defined as dynamic, motivating a reflection about the history of the town of Ouro Preto.

EILD received proposal from several countries, such as Brazil, Greece, USA, Germany, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and more. 

The jury counted on the enrolment of partner institutions IPHAN MG – represented by professionals André Henrique Macieira and Leonardo Barreto, and IFMG – represented by lecturers Alex Bohrer and Haroldo Paiva, as well as lighting designers Diana Joels and Mariana Novaes, members of the EILD 2016 committee.

The assessment process started with an individual phase, followed by a meeting in Ouro Preto on May 12th, when the jury selected as winners the proposals Ouro Preto Collage and Campouro, to be installed in the surroundings of the Santa Efigênia Church and the gardens of Ponte Seca.

The urban interventions have a special relevance to the EILD, representing a legacy to be left to Ouro Preto, considering they will be donated to the city, through its transference to the IFMG campus, being incorporated to the “Art on campus” program. The interventions also have the approval and support of the Parish of Santa Efigênia Church, and of the Municipal Departments of Heritage and Culture, Environment, and Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

Another crucial interface, that has been considered in the evaluation process, was the educational counterpart presented by each proposal, once the project includes an artistic residence in Ouro Preto during the two weeks prior to the EILD, in partnership with the FAOP – whose students will benefit from activities to be developed by the authors of the winning proposals.

Ouro Preto Collage

Author: Mario Alberto Pliego Muciño,
from Queretaro, Mexico

Selected to be installed in the Santa Efigência Church’s Access, Ouro Preto Collage finds inspiration in two formal and symbolic elements that are essential to this historic town: the mine and the baroque architecture.

The author applies spatial resources that evoke experiences related to both elements, creating a space that enables – at the same time – reflections and findings.

The work invites to the realization of interventions using invisible ink revealed by UV light. The results of such interventions shall accumulate throughout the EILD, registering a real meeting between the event’s participants and the city, its inhabitants and eventual spontaneous public, in this location both representative and on the border of the town.

OP_Collage_imagem para site 3

(left images) perspectives – intervention’s developing process / (right image) section – the installation frames the door of the Church

According to the jury, the simplicity both in terms of construction and interaction has been especially important for its selection. The high potential for conviviality in this work, seen – mainly – as space of expression and exchange, has also been remarked.


Author: Oh my light! Studio (Macarena Meza; Marcela Carmona; Daniela Orellana)
from Santiago, Chile

To be installed in the gardens of the Ponte Seca, within the historical town of Ouro Preto, Campouro is a proposal that finds inspiration in the golden age of the city, creating a composition using golden and glowing elements, resembling – at the same time – a field to be seeded by the participants.

The authors intend to create an experience relating poetically the natural and man-made landscapes of the city, through the gradual transformation of this installation that starts with sticks of several heights that receive translucent discs, which will create color and light effects.

Those effects together with the presence of people in this empty space in town will recover its livable potential, through the immersion in a game of color tones and layers enabled by both artificial light during the night and the interaction of sunlight with the translucent and shiny material during daytime.

OP_Campouro_imagem para site 3

(left image) intervention as it starts / (right image)  potential result

The jury has considered the daily perception of the proposal a distinguishing characteristic, as it builds upon natural light to create desirable effects, relevant both for the progressive development of the work as well as its enjoyment. At the same time, its playful character and executive viability have been important for its selection.