Panorama was initially created by the lighting designers Anne Bureau and Magaly Mendez in 2014, for the EILD Medellin in Colombia. The aim was to collect and disseminate the work from Ibero-American lighting designers.

During the EILD 2014 it was presented as a group dynamic in the form of a lottery game. After the event 50 selected projects were published in the Iluminet Awards book, by the ILUMINET magazine.

In 2016, for the EILD Ouro Preto in Brazil, the Panorama committee selected 30 projects from Ibero-American countries, which were exhibited in the Casa dos Contos de Ouro Preto. The exhibition was opened to the public during the EILD. After the event all selected projects were featured in the Brazilian lighting design publication L+D Magazine

All EILD 2019 participants, emerging or experienced lighting designers are invited to take part of the Panorama 2019 at the EILD 2019 in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
The Panorama 2019 will be presented in a video montage featuring Ibero-Americanlighting design projects, which will continuously be updated as new works are added.

To take part in Panorama 2019 all you have to do is send us your photos, videos, drawings or any other type of conceptual image that best illustrates your project. Your submission is regardless of your role in the project or its development stage.

For some additional inspiration click here for a sneak preview of the video submitted so far by the Panorama 2019 team.

The Panorama 2019 video will be presented to the residents and visitors of Colonia del Sacramento during the EILD 2019 which will be held between 20 th and 23 rd of March. The video will also be published online and through social media channels.

To learn more about the format of the material to be sent, eligibility criteria and all other important details for the registration, please contact us at or download the information here.

We look forward to receiving your submission!