ISOMETRICA 03-pessoas

The Interaction Space encourages integration among the participants of the event and the Gold Sponsors.

It lies between the auditorium where the lectures and plenary will take place, and the area of the ​​7.L.I.G.H.T.Set – experimental spaces where light and its core themes will be explored. It was designed by the prominent architect Fernando Maculan*, in total harmony with the spirit of EILD.

In order to ensure the integration of this area to the overall experience of the ENCUENTRO, each company has chosen a product that relates to one of the program themes, which represents their brand identity.

In this space are also located the touchpoints of AsBAI – Brazilian Association of Lighting Architects, IALD – International Association of Lighting Designers and L+D Magazine, EILD 2016 official media.

The Interaction Space is then the ideal place for discussions and reflections about the experiences lived along EILD 2016 – both at the Convention Center and at Ouro Preto’s urban fabric.


*Fernando Maculan is one of the authors of the new Google headquarters project recently opened in Belo Horizonte, the result of a partnership between the companies MACh Architects (directed with Mariza Machado Coelho), BCMF Architects, Hardy Design and LD Studio BH. His work is marked by the diversity of scales – which vary from jewelry to urban space – and the confluence of disciplines motivated by frequent partnerships with artists and designers. With the curator Adelia Borges, Maculan was one of the Brazilian representatives in the program Design Connections 2015, organized by the British Council to promote new cultural projects with the UK. For more