Until December 30 :

  • Under 27 years old: U$S165.00
  • Over 27 years old: U$S330.00

From December 31:

  • Under 27 years old: U$S220.00
  • Over 27 years old: U$S385.00


Registration for EILD 2019 includes:

Additional options:

  1. I will attend with a Companion: U$S55.00*

* The income of the companion includes:

Admission to the  opening cocktail March 20  – Centro BIT

Entrance to the closing party March 23 – Centro Cultural AFE

2. Participate in the workshop “Colonia de la Luz“: U$S220,00 **

** Additional cost to registration.


Muestra Panorama

Additionally, each participant, once registered, will be invited to send 10 to 12 photos and / or video of the most significant project in which they have participated. ***

The material will be evaluated by the group of coordinators of the Muestra Panorama to produce the exhibition material.

*** Participation in the Panorama Sample is optional.

Coordination by: Pascal Chautard, Mônica Lobo, Orlando Marques, Ivone Szabo, Debora Torii