News • 26 de April de 2016

EILD 2016_nota 02

In order to achieve different solutions one is required to think and design in a different way. This is how EILD Committee thinks for the ‘’Encuentro Iberoamericano de Lighting Design”. We are looking for seeing a better panorama for lighting, more creative, more innovative, and respectful to the human being. However, to achieve this, it is not enough to have better equipment day after day, the design process has to evolve as well. This is the reason why the editorial line of EILD 2016 is focused on revising the creative process. The attendees are going to participate of activities intended for reflection and experimentation, in a dynamic and interactive way, of different aspects related to the creative process in the development of projects.

For this edition, we have invited renowned international professionals from different disciplines related to lighting, offering their valueble point of view about the transversal processes determinant in the design progress, such as the creative process, games theories, decisive processes, urban space evolution and constructive process of a language. Even though we cannot divulge all the names yet, we can confirm the participation of Cristina Simão, key architect for the understanding of Ouro Preto – and Charles Watson – professor, researcher and speaker renowned around the world by the theme of the creative process in art.

Another key of this edition is the participation! EILD 2016 has been meticulously planned for all the attendees to collaborate, to experience and to interact, not only among them, but also with the city through the activities, learning how to see space and light from another perspective.

One of the activities is called ‘’’’, spaces that will be available during the event, with a free timetable, allowing everyone to attend. 7 designers have been invited to create 7 spaces that explore different aspects of light, such as: perception, construction with shadows, poetics, applied materials, to design light with technologies, colour and how to communicate light.

In this event, we are also going to explore the artistic possibilities of light in the city, through urban interventions that are going to be created during the event with collaboration of all EILD attendees. These works are a result of an International Competition, where the winners will be announced on May 23. Thus, we will present two installations that offer a sensorial experience to the visitors, inviting them to access, interact with and go through it.

An app will guide all participants, helping everyone to accomplish the goals of the event. Through the app they are going to receive information about the program in real time and notifications of activities.

It will also give differentiated instructions for each participant, encouraging them to attend to activities throughout the city, directing them to the requested point and keeping an activity log data. This app will give us the possibility to generate a great database with imagens and reflections about the light in the city.

EILD 2016 takes place in the city of Ouro Preto, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, between 21th to 24th of September. It is a picturesque city which displays one of the most complete and well known set of architecture and baroque art, declared world heritage by UNESCO. Among others architectural and artistic treasures, there is one of the first buildings signed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Grande Hotel de Ouro Preto.

This is the perfect place and meeting to transform the way of seeing of everyone involved in Lighting Design. Also, to generate a new way of thinking that may change us in the coming years, in order to obtain the best and most qualified projects. The registration will be open on May 2, 2016!

See you in Ouro Preto!