News • 30 de September de 2017

EILD 2016 - foto final

We, from EILD and AsBAI Team, share this moment of celebration and nostalgia with the objective of remembering and sharing memories of a unique event, of which we are very proud – it is the result of a collaborative, positive, generous and professional work of a very dedicated and passionate volunteer international team. And of course, it counted with your engagement and participation!!!

The fourth Encuentro Iberoamericano de Lighting Design took place in Ouro Preto, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from the world of light and architectural lighting, who shared a full and free experience, building their own trajectories and understanding of the city and the topics covered.

The construction of the event in synergy with the city of Ouro Preto, evident in the numerous partnerships with entities and institutions, gave the local tone to the experience of the Encuentro, besides providing the fundamental bases for the viability of the legacies produced – material and immaterial.

Each of the activities – lectures, labs, App, urban interventions, exhibition, cinema – provided innovative and qualitative experiences, complementary to each other. In our understanding, the association between editorial strength, experience building and deep relationship with the city resulted in the construction of an Encuentro that transcended the discipline of lighting design.

As we believe that it is important to recall our experiences in order to keep them alive, here we share some photos of the main moments and the video of EILD 2016. You’re welcome to remember these moments with us!

EILD 2016 – Lembranças/Recuerdos – Dia 1 – 21/09/2016

EILD 2016 – Lembranças/Recuerdos – Dia 2 – 22/09/2016

EILD 2016 – Lembraças/Recuerdos – Dia 3 – 23/09/2016

EILD 2016 – Lembranças/Recuerdos – Dia 4 – 24/09/2016

May the next come! See you all in Colonia del Sacramento – Uruguay in 2019!

Kind regards,

EILD and AsBAI Team