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Amanhã o que for será outra coisa,
E o que eu vir será visto por olhos recompostos,
Cheios de uma nova visão” Fernando Pessoa

’Tomorrow what it is will be something else,
And what I see will be seen by restored eyes,
Full of a new vision’’ Fernando Pessoa

To transform, to transcend. The spirit of EILD proposes new ways to convey the values of lighting design, emphasizing communication and collaboration among all the disciplines related to the profession. Besides focusing on the discussion about creative processes and having a distinguished format that offers a mix of activities, the Gathering reaffirms the importance of a collaborative spirit, essential nowadays.

EILD 2016 looks for interaction with the city through the development of partnerships with many local institutions and projects. It is designed for Ouro Preto and expands existing projects, leaving many legacies for the city.

Ouro Preto is going to win many gifts in different occasions. The ‘’Urban Senses Program’’ was given the challenge to attend the 280 participants of the event, which has stimulated the creation of a new night route and an assisted monitoring for architecture and urban planning students from UFOP. They will learn the program’s methodology and will participate of the accomplishment process of the Sensorial Routes (Roteiros Sensoriais).

With the Urban Interventions, the city is part of the project construction process, from the jury – composed by professionals from IPHAN and IFMG – to its implementation. FAOP will host the authors of the projects selected in competition for an artistic residency in their school/atelier. FAOP’s students will participate in workshops guided by the authors, in order to develop artistic themes with local references, which will integrate the interventions. Part of the celebration of Santa Efigenia’s Party, Ouro Preto’s community will begin to intervene in the works even before EILD participants. After the event, the two interventions will be donated to the city, and will be integrated into the project “Art on Campus”, with the guard of IFMG.

Casa dos Contos, an important monument and museum in the city, has an extensive exhibition program of local and foreign artists. The museum will receive a donation for the Temporary Exhibition Room Tarquínio J. B. Oliveira, including the lighting project, lighting fixtures and the implementation of lighting and electrical installations and renovation works. This is the result of a partnership stablished among AsBAI, EILD, UFOP lighting laboratory, Casa dos Contos itself and Iluminar, a Brazilian lighting manufacturer responsible for additional sponsorship/ donation. The new lighting design will be open with the Panorama Exhibition, a presentation of 30 Ibero-american lighting projects.

The 7 L.I.G.H.T.Set also provides monitoring for students of Design, Architecture and Urban Planning from UFOP and UFMG, who will be immersed in lighting related aspects investigated by the Encuentro, while interacting with the seven designers and participants. This certainly is going to be a unique opportunity of interaction and learning.

With the offer of AsBAI, CINEARQ – Film and Architecture Exhibition of Ouro Preto and UFOP’s initiative – welcome EILD 2016 participants to the session of the documentary “The City Dark”, which reflects about the consequences of light pollution and the 24h society. The documentary will follow a debate between teachers, students and participants. The documentary will also be available to the other partners of the event and for the population of Ouro Preto, in order to stimulate the creation of a critical understanding of the consequences of street lighting in the city.

The legacies are many – material and immaterial. The beauty of EILD 2016 is that it transcends Lighting Design!

We take the opportunity to share the event’s complete programme! Studio Drift, an awarded Dutch collective that explores the boundaries of technology, art and nature, will give the lecture “Qualities of Light as Language”.
Check out the final program with all speakers and panelists!

We invite everyone to be part of this great creative and collective process in the city of Ouro Preto! Registration still open!

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