News • 29 de November de 2018

1- Has your company been present in previous editions of the EILD? As the purpose of this initiative is to build spaces for reflection and exchange to learn experiment and share ideas about lighting design, how do you evaluate your participation in the Encuentro?

We were taking part in all the editions. For three times we took part as sponsors (Valparaiso, Medellin and Ouro Preto) and once as guests (Queretaro). We believe that the Encuentro is the best opportunity to listen to the designers, learn the barriers that still put off big projects, share the advances of technology and of course strengthen the personal elationships that often allow us to find the best solutions. That is why we will be accompanying you also in Colonia next year. We have important news in terms of innovation in lighting that we want to share with everyone with live laboratory demos, such as the Dynamic Beam Shaper, for example. The Dynamic Beam Shaper is an exclusive novelty of Targetti that introduces a technology based on lenses with liquid crystals that allow to vary the beam without involving mechanical parts through a digital wireless control. The optical system developed by Targetti can vary between 10 ° and 50 °, which allows to project without the limits imposed by conventional optical systems



2- EILD 2019 will evolve around the theme “COMMUNICATION”, the program is based on the combination of talks and workshops that will address essential issues about lighting design (about light) and activities and interventions where lighting will be used as a mean of communication ( with light). With this assumption, what will be the proposal or strategy of your company to share with the assistants of EILD 2019 in Colonia del Sacramento, UY?

That light is a form of communication was always an idea shared in Targetti. We worked almost a century ago advising international brands that need to communicate their values and distinctive elements through lighting. Following the intense collaboration with the American architecture firm Gensler, the TONES concept was generated: each TONE offers a precise luminous spectrum thanks to a precise combination of different LEDs, to enhance the textures of the materials that characterize a corporate image (mood board) as a hotel chain, a showroom or an office determining an identity to each space.

3- We have seen many Ibero-American lighting designers receiving
nternational awards. What reflection do you think this growth deserves and how would it strengthen it?

There are several reflections that are worth doing: all the manufacturers have made great efforts to carry out programs and workshops aimed at educating clients, architects, engineers, etc. The international awards indicate that we are on the right track. On the other hand, designers learned to achieve excellent results with Latin American budgets. The collaboration between designers and manufacturers should focus on achieving more high quality results, adapted to the local context. Our regional office offers advice in real time and represents a direct access to dialogue with the factory and find solutions. In addition, we are starting a Tour throughout Latin America with the Targetti Lighting Workshop, which represents a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and feedback.

4- What do you expect from EILD 2019 in Colonia del Sacramento, UY?

The presence of the 3F Filippi-Targetti group in the 2019 edition of the EILD in Colonia del Sacramento is an ideal opportunity to meet the Ibero-American lighting designers community and share experiences, ideas and projects with them, inspired by the common passion for lighting. We are starting a new phase, very interesting and inspiring thanks to the acquisition of Targetti by 3F Filippi, two companies that have written the history of lighting in Italy. Thanks to the union
of the respective competences in technical and architectural lighting, the two brands together offer a complete product portfolio that proudly takes Made in Italy technology to more than 50 countries in the world. We want to share with the protagonists of the world of lighting the offer of the 3F Filippi-Targetti Group that can respond and satisfy any type of requirement and need of a project. The group offers a wide variety of solutions; from lighting equipment with high technical and functional content of the 3F Filippi catalogue, to solutions that combine technology and design for the architectural lighting of interiors and exteriors of Targetti, through the economic range of sources and LED luminaires that Duralamp proposes