Seven lighting laboratories are going to be constructed, independents and autonomous, following the EILD2016 editorial line.

These labs are going to be spaces of lighting experimentation and trial, following with the seven topics addressed by the activity ‘’Cajas de luz’’, realized in EILD Queretaro 2012. This year, those topics are of highest importance within the EILD 2016 editorial goals.

This activity will be running over all the days of the event, in free timetable, and counting with the attendance of everyone by the calling of EILD2016 app.

07 designers were invited to draw the 7 labs:

Poetics of light: Eli Sirlin / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Light space and perceptions: Alfredo García / Bogotá, Colombia

Building shadows with light: Paolo Portaluri / Milan, Italy – Barcelona, Spain

Materials under light: : Margarida Bernardo / Lisbon, Portugal

Light colour: Diana Joels / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Drawing with light and technology: Salvador Islas / Mexico City, Mexico

Communicating light: Horácio Medina / Santiago, Chile

Coordination and monitoring: Maria João Pinto-Coelho