News • 19 de July de 2016

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We are already close to the beginning of EILD 2016, and at this point, you might have your tickets booked to Ouro Preto. In case you have not planned yet, here we explain all that is part of the 4th EILD edition, which is taking place in Ouro Preto from the 21st to 24th September 2016.

The Encuentro Iberoamericano de Lighting Design invites participants to explore the thematic of creative processes, inherent to any profession. As a Gathering (ENCUENTRO), EILD seeks to put professionals and students together, from different backgrounds and cultures, for a wide discussion about the theme, encouraging the exchange of experiences and impressions among the participants and the city.

The event has a different format, with a mix of activities including lectures, exhibition of iberoamerican projects, sensorial and investigative walks throughout the city, urban interventions, cinema, sensorial experiences about light and interaction with lighting solutions.

The communicative and structural interface of the event is a Smartphone app, where attendees will find the programme and all information required.

Read more about the program here

The process begins with the walk Urban Senses (Sentidos Urbanos) , where standards are disrupted and it is learned that, in order to observe the city, it is not enough to use the vision and find what is already expected, but it is necessary to feel the place without seeing it. Disorient oneself, loose oneself and find oneself again. The sensorial walk reflects on your actions, expectations, agenda, and shows a new possibility on how to see again.

The lectures are the content conductive line of the event. With Charles Watson, Scottish and educator, we will learn how to rewrite the creative process. Cristina Simão, Brazilian Architect and Urbanist, will share her research on the evolution of the relationship between inhabitants and the city itself through history. Daniele Quercia, Italian engineer and scientist, will show how a small change of focus creates a series of unexpected results that can change our perception and open a batch of processes and solutions. The fourth speaker will be announced soon!

The are going to nurture the intellect, inviting everyone to explore several aspects and qualities of light by experiences with colour, communication, shadows, perception, technologies, poetry and materials. Seven spaces that make possible an exchange of knowledge with great professionals such as Eli Sirlin, Paolo Portaluri, Margarida Bernardo, Alfredo Garcia, Diana Joels, Salvador Islas and Horacio Medina.

The Interaction Space must encourage the interaction among participants and gold sponsors. Each manufacturer has chosen one lighting fixture, related to one of the EILD themes to represent the identity of the brand. Furthermore, two Urban Interventions will be built along the event with the interaction of participants, authors and inhabitants. In the space Casa dos Contos, it will be possible to see an exhibition of 30 projects presenting a Panorama of the current lighting design in Ibero-America.

All these dynamics make sense as a group of activities, a game of discoveries, of individual and collective constructions in the city which have as basis the light and its experimentation.

The EILD attendees will also be able to enjoy a visit to Inhotim Museum, a courtesy given by our sponsor Schreder. It is the biggest contemporary art collection in outdoor space in the world, where is possible to see more than 500 unique pieces, among them works of Olaffur Eliasson, Yayoi Kutsama and Chris Burden. It is an incomparable space where ecology, art and social action are together.

Now you have many reasons to be part of this event! It is time to book your flights, accommodation and any other arrangements, because neither you nor your projects will be the same after the EILD in Ouro Preto!

More information about registration!

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